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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud and Colocation

Many businesses have elements in their traditional environments that they are unable to move to a virtualized or cloud environment. Hybrid Cloud solutions allow the integration of cloud virtual servers with colocated, customer-owned physical hardware in our datacenter, even on the same VLAN.

When moving your infrastructure to a cloud-based environment it is not always desirable or possible to virtualize all the physical devices. Sometimes it makes sense to have a physical firewall, appliance, custom server, or other physical device integrated with your new cloud environment.

With Colosseum Online's Hybrid Cloud and Colocation, you do not have to virtualize those aspects of your network and servers that you do not want to. It's possible to colocate any number of physical servers, appliances, firewalls, etc. and have them share any of the same VLANs as your cloud servers. For example, you could have a physical firewall or load balancer exposed to the public Internet, with a group of both physical and cloud servers behind it on a private VLAN.

If you are moving most of your infrastructure to a cloud environment, you are unlikely to want to maintain an in-house datacenter just to house one or two assets that cannot be virtualized or moved to the cloud. By moving all your IT assets to our ISO 27001:2005 certified secure datacenter, the process of integration is simplified and you can benefit fully from the cost savings offered by cloud computing. Colosseum Online's cloud is built on enterprise-class hardware, including NetApp SANs and the Cisco UCS platform, in a FlexPod configuration, so you know that everything is as reliable and redundant as possible, for your peace of mind.

Colosseum will work closely with you to coordinate the movement and integration of physical assets. Whether you want to make a gradual migration to the cloud, or maintain a sustained physical presence, Colosseum can help you.